Thursday, May 31, 2012

pelanduk 2 serupa

i was at mid valley for lunch today, as usual with my lunch buddy, wids... ermmm not really in the mood to elaborate more right now on what we did... hahahah :D well, we had lunch at a new restaurant (new to us) and will write a review on that later.... patience... hehehe... and then, went to the computer shop to get myself privacy screen... and rm170 fly out of my pocket! why do i need it? because i don't like it when people pass by my place and their eyes start to wonder around and looking at what i am doing :p 

anyway, while we were waiting for wids' car... i saw this one lady whom i thought...'eh, she looks so familiar!' by then i was smiling already... and in my thought at that time, i thought she was my blogger buddy - queen of hearts! so i was kinda excited coz it is an exciting feeling when you start to expand your friends through blogging and you get the chance to meet them one day... like how i met aimi :) so, i looked back at her... and ehh.. she has 2 boys.. and as far as i remembered, queen of hearts has 2 boys too! and when i was really wanted to say hi... whooppss... i thought i saw riezman khuzaimi - the malay malaysian actor! and ... ahhh.... she was his wife!! and i went...whoopsss... luckily i did not say "hi... are you queen of hearts?" :p kalau tak.... malu wehhhh.... 
queen of hearts :)


Queen of hearts said...

Hahahaha! Glad you didn't say hi. If not malu tak sudah. I don't think you'd notice me in public pun. Unless I'm wearing heels. LOL!

Ein said...

hahahaa... but sama kan muka you both!! and ohh... you petite ya? coz riezman's wife was tall... LOL :D hehee i will remember that :D