Wednesday, March 21, 2012

fly with berjaya air

pergghhh.... title...! superb!! intro je tu babes... service? gosh... they really really need to work harder! my ofc mate and i had this experience twice with berjaya air recently how they screwed up our bookings. for one, their call center people and ticketing department people do not communicate. tak masuk lagi they had cockroach in flight flying with us!! damn!! i was seated next to LS when suddenly i thought i saw something crawling.. and true enough it was a cockroach!! and they really need to upholster their seats man!! seriously!! i am just grateful that they can fly and land that thing they call plane!! 

well, anyway the reason of this posting is to share with you, IF in future you wish to fly with berjaya air, book online instead of calling coz by doing so, you'll save money. that is if you wanna save lah... you see, i plan to take joelis with me but since lisa has an event in school, she doesnt want to come, so i am taking joey alone with me. LS helped me to book... and i found out that if i book online, i save rm224! uihhh that is a lot of saving for me lah.. :) so, that is it lah that i want to share :P hhehehe anti climax ke? :P

this is a treat for my kids since i will not be able to bring them together with the staff outing this year... gila babas mahal tu babes!! i need to pay rm2900 lebih kurang for joelis for a 3 days 2 nights stay in langkawi?? ahhh tak yah... baik pi tempat lain :P lagi pun they just got back from spore with their dad :) ok per.. 

you can see the difference, the circled area.



Uitss! They had cockroach in flight? I couldn't imagine it sis. In flight there's a cockroach. How bad their services.

Ein said...

yessss and guess what, when i saw it.. i took out my shoes until my friend who was seated next to me thought i wanted to hit her with my shoes! ahahahahah :D