Monday, March 26, 2012

blogspot blocked?

Hmmmm don’t know what to say mode right now. As usual, my routine would be checking emails, then blogs.. just to start the day. And today, I learned that blogspot has been blocked from the office. When I asked, the answer that I received was, “Biasalah, sini banyak bloggers”, and so?? What is wrong with that? We cannot express our feelings and creativity anymore? Gosh, it has becoming more and more unacceptable. Or it affects me because I am a blogger? Hmmm okay lah… whatever… I can still blog via email, just that the feeling is a bit different and I cannot put labels on my postings. So okay… that is about the things that has been going around in my work life… call it boring if you want, but do I have a choice?

I have a few postings pending… some I have started half way… but somehow I have a problem with my right hand now… some fingers hurt… could it be because of bbm-ing? It sounds funny I knowm but I was just thinking if that could be the cause? Hehehe :D :P Anyway, people… I will be back soon okay. Will find some time to fill in the blanks ;) Gotta start doing my work now or the warden may just catch me… :P *sarcasm mode* :P later….


orochimaruNM orochimaruNM said...

~ kak..still boleh view..but then you have to view from your post only..kalau nk tengok direct to the link..memang cannot la..and..boleh lagi nak tulis entri..but yet..nk tengok direct memang tak bole..!!! tapi..nih hanya berlaku dalam pejabat MCB..kalau orang luar tengok..still dorang boleh view..

Ein said...

dek, hari tu bila tak leh masuk.. terus frust... maleh nak pi mana2 try pun... lagi pun agak busy... so terus tak layan dah blog walking for awhile. and tu yang terus blogging thru handphone.. :) tapi skrg dah ok... ok lah :D

thanks :)