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cycling with lisa

by - February 08, 2012

okay... lets go straight to the point... i have so much things to tell/write/say but as usual, i have other things to do too :P so here goes... i have been cycling with my precious lisa for the past 2 days... yeupp... after i have repaired all 4 bicycles, it's best that we restart using them, right? ;) so, we make it a point to cycle in the evening... around 6pm... and by or before maghrib we are back at home (my parents'), i put all the bicycles at my parents' house because they cycle more there... don't ask me why, coz i don't know.. in fact i asked joey the same question, and he doesn't have the answer :P ngeh ngeh ngeh... :P

so anyway, yesterday we were trapped by the Jabatan Kesihatan fogging truck! hahahaha :D LOL... we just can't move... erkkkkk... end up, we were fogged together with the mosquito... hahahaha :D it was fun cycling with my daughter :) maybe when we are ...or, i am better... we can cycle further ;) hmmmmm.... 
help!!! :P hahahaha

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