Monday, October 17, 2011

dont corrupt my mind!!

i need to warn hubby.... next time do not bring me to test drive any car!! or then, i will not stop thinking about it... i am not gonna let go my baby... at least not now... gimme another 2 or 3 years.. can laa... aarrghh... i am starting to love my baby more now..

btw, below was one of the cars that we test drive :) hehehhee :D memang best, handling cornering pun bagus.. stabil... tak bising on road bump, quite soft.. my plus points would be, its big.. i have always love a 4WD pun, or maybe this one is SUV? can be a 7-seater... the last row is spacious for leg-room, there is air-cond.. banyak button best2 kat depan dashboard hehehe :D driving feel is nicer than the hyundai tucson... 

price OTR rm159K, and monthly payment about rm1,700... hmmmm