Monday, September 19, 2011

be a productive housewife

before i proceed, i do not mean to look down upon housewives. honestly it takes real courage to stay home and takes care of children and the house. whatever i write here is solely my own opinion, and perhaps from how or what i see that is happening around me? :) this may not be an advice, but just what i think... haaa punya la banyak explanation kat atas tu before i actually started to write on this topic. 

there are some women who when they became a housewife, they started to talk about errmm.. unproductive issues.. some may be about other people, which most of them are bad stuff.. good stuff ada jugak but very minimal. and they will start to think -ve about a lot of things.. orang ni buat tak kena...orang tu buat tu salah.. macam dia je yang betul. and ada jugak yang the daily schedule dah jadik tunggang terbalik... i believe you need to arrange your schedule properly to be a healthy & productive housewife. :) 

to be fair, not all housewives turn out to be like the above... some can be very successful entrepreneur at the same time... good at sports and managed their time well.. despite having children...young children. they still have time to look beautiful and attractive for their hubby :) 

so i guess i would choose to be the second one... but then again... i can never be a housewife kut.. coz, i just can't stay home.. i need to be on the move.. :p but... i want to be able to cook like azlita :)