Friday, July 15, 2011

when a revert tells his story

i was at the dining table last night.. about to have dinner when N1 (my eldest sister) was about to tell this story. she had a chat with her office colleague. a man at the age of 50, a chinese convert.. or he said that he is a revert and not a convert. i dont quite remember how the story began but it went quite like this. N1 thought that he was at his forties.. and he chuckled when said, "hey, i am 10 years more of your age" and N1 was surprised.. when he was asked, when he converted to Islam, he told the story... 
i did not convert, i revert
huh? why did you say that? asked my sister.
because everyone is born a moslem.. only the way that everyone is brought up that puts them in a different beliefs. 
aahh... ok... my sister continues listening with interest.. :)
i wanted to revert earlier, but my dad did not allow me to do so... he said i can convert/revert only after he dies..  so, i dont feel good to revert as my parents have spent a lot and sacrifice for my education. until one day, i fell ill.. of dengue... i was very ill till i said to myself, if i survive this disease.. i will revert to Islam. 

and with God willing, he survived... but he still did not revert... until  he had 2 dreams.. the same one.. that someone came into his dream and asked... 

why didnt you revert? you have promised to if you get well.. 

he woke up... and could not say a thing... and he got the same dream again... and the same person asked him again.. 

that was when he decided to meet up with an ustaz... and revert... and he is happy with his life till now... alhamdulillah... perhaps one day, i can meet with this person :) insyaAllah.

all of us at the dining table..myself, my niece... asked, "so.. did he revert after his dad died??" "hehhe :D no... his dad is still alive" and all of us laughed.. 

i hope i remembered the story well to share this with you... and if its not that accurate, i hope some day, he'll read this and tell me ;)