Wednesday, June 15, 2011

senyum itu sedekah

as mentioned to a fellow blogger yesterday. i might just blog this. ahah!!! just for the fun of it. i am not at all upset now, just remembering what happened yesterday. i left my office at about hmmm just after 6pm.. trying to catch my sinetron before they end at 7.30 and 8.00pm :P. anyway, i saw/met an office colleague. from the back [coz i just came out of the lift] i could recognize who she was. and as a normal office colleague, i was standing there beside her. she was smsing on her phone or whatever i dont know. she looked up at me and i smiled at her.. and guess what... she looked at me and she actually jeling and no smile at all. i was like... hmmm WTF... it is not that we do not know each other.. anyway, she must be pissed with me coz i often email about her [with her knowledge] to her boss regarding work. heyy... it was nothing personal - it was about work, if you cant handle it, get your ass to it lah!! hemmm... right after that, i went straight like.. hmmm mcm ni rupanya orang bertudung [start la aku nak mengutuk], dah la make up 3 inci... ingat boleh jadik lawa agaknya.. hampeh.. dgn perangai gitu.. it all comes from inside.. kalau hati baik dan bersih.. it'll show in your face.. tak yah foundation lense kaler2.. piirrahhhh



Hahahaa after this, if you see her again. You don't have to smile to her. Just jeling je! Like what her did on you before this. Hehehee ;p

Ein said...

sebenarnya kan its more like i feel like wanting to tie her to the tree and ask her.. "lu ingat lu chun sgt ke?" but then again.. better not degrade myself to people with that mentality kan.. :P heheheh :D

thanks for reading my blog too! ;) and hope to see you back! ;)