Monday, May 30, 2011

prema yin's video - marilah

i dont know who the hell is this prema yin... 

reading beautiful nara's blog pulled me to write these comments on the video done. i am not in the art industry hence my comments is based on me being the audience of the video. read the director's excuses to direct such a video. it was all lame excuses, looks like excuses yang macam dah tak tau nak cakap apa. memang tah apa2. lets just summarize it lah. nak ckp banyak2 pun letih.. 

  • i kinda like her kind of music. (and thats it) :P
  • kununnya lagu tu pasal suami isteri yang dok berbalah pasal ego masing2. people, please go and find the lyric of the song 'marilah' - and clearly tak de kaitan dengan perhubungan laki bini. i found it just now but had problem to paste it here, so now malas nak cari balik. 
  • kalau betul pasal laki bini, at least in the video clip, start la intro to show that they are actually laki bini.
  • agreed on few comments in BN's blog that kut ye pun, bini tak yah la buat aksi2 kunun nak sexy tapi sexy tak menjadik kat depan fridge tu. 
  • apa ke jadah dok melingkor atas lantai kat dapur. and how she's doing it, and the dance in the kitchen was awful. she was trying to be sexy but it didnt happened? :o like duuhhhh... silly.. i was ashamed and embarrassed even by just watching it.
  • the video looked more like the couple who watched a cheap sex video and trying to act like how they do it in another video. 
  • please laa... if you wanna dressed up like that in a video clip, at least ensure that you are really slim and have a very nice figure.. otherwise, you'll look really huduh okay.. 
  • dance move needs to be improved. 
conclusion: all the acts tak kena with the song at all. tak de kaitan langsung whatsoever.