Wednesday, May 25, 2011

me, kaiser & our new toy story :P

i was thinking of blogging this when i was in the lrt on the way to fetch my car from the workshop. you may be asking, why is my car in the workshop when i just bought it. well, i bought a used car, so, i will feel much better if i were to send it for a full medical check up. it has been a good car to drive, cant say great yet coz i have not driven it for long distance. but .. yeahh... it is a good car ;) if you know what i mean. :P ahakss.. 

got a call from the workshop telling me that my car is ready.. so since its lunch time, i get the chance to pick it up. waited for kaiser to send me there coz otherwise i might need to take a cab. so while waiting for kaiser, i had my lunch at the nearby cafe - alone :) luckily i had joey's ipad to accompany me in the lrt and at the cafe. yey! since my mouth still hurts from the new cuts and bruises + i did not want to have too heavy lunch to prepare myself for netball training, i just had white rice + mushroom soup and fried egg.. ermm.. i was hoping for a different kind of mushroom but instead it was the button mushroom.. cheh... total that i spend was rm15 with drink... pergghh... kaiser was shocked! :P hahaha :D no,  i am not gonna do a review about the cafe coz i am not in the mood for that. and plus my order was too simple - cant expect more :P

this is the model - modenas elegan 200
after food, went to the workshop with kaiser's new scooter.. hehehe :D cannot la just me have a new toy... hubby also must have a new toy.. hahah :D so.. yeah he bought a new scooter.. red color this time and bigger than before. it is high.. and when i sit on it, i looked higher laa.. coz i am tall hahahah :D and i can put my arm something like around his neck!! err.. how aahh.. let me let you imagine, when we both sit, his head is at my chest level.. haa.. like that laa.. but i gayat you know.. the scooter was smooth and fast... good lah! :)

the conversation:
kaiser: hmmm my new scooter feels like a bmw!
me: hhehe :D if your new scooter feels like a bmw, so my bmw feels like a ferrari lah!

LOL :D nonetheless.. it was fun riding on your new scooter sayang :*