Thursday, April 7, 2011

my rambling..

do i care anymore? maybe yes and maybe no. goshh this glasses keeps on sliding down la... why aahh?? somehow today i feel like i looked like bintang with glasses... hehehe :D stupid bugger... :P :P i am in the mood of cursing and talking nonsense. so please bear with me.

in a few hours i will be off for my diving trip... insyaAllah i will be home again sihat walafiat... if not.. i just wanna say a few things in this blog...

kaiser: i love you very much.. and our anniversary is coming soon, hope you have something special prepared for me.. hahaha :D :P and when i am gone, please take good care of our kids.

joey: take good care of yourself during your camping trip ok.. pls know that mama loves you very much.. be a good and smart boy :)

lisa: you are coming with me this time, but if things doesnt go our way, please know that i love you very much. take care of your lil brother and be nice to each other.

mama & ayah: ain minta maaf dari hujung kaki sampai hujung rambut for all my wrong doings.. and thank you very much for all that you both have done for me, since i was a baby till now.. love you both very much!

to the kalam family.. if anything were to happen to me, please take good care of joelis for me.. and whatever assets that i have is to be divided equally for both of them. my investments, my savings, my jeweleries, my bullions.. in summary whatever that's mine lah...

dato' e and datin d: can you please be my pemegang amanah until my joelis turned 18... ?