Thursday, March 10, 2011

dreaming for a brighter - new smile

i remembered when i was very young and asked for braces, my mom would say, "tak payah lah, nanti cantik, sangat lupa diri" when all that i know, the reason she said that before was because she doesn't have the money for that purpose. :) well, now that i am also a mom, i understand. just that, with my kids, i always tell them the truth because, kids will understand if we explain :))

anyway time goes by and now its the time that i do it myself. but after a while, when i started to have a teenager daughter, she is my priority... she talked me into it.. putting on braces. it cost rm5k for her.. that makes me think many many times whether i really need it. hemmmm... lots of money.. and... 2 longggg years to have it on.. and that is the most that i cannot tolerate. thought of doing the braces in thailand, but the cost.. after adding this and that, almost the same as in malaysia.

one day, my hubby went to a meeting and met this wonderful lady, dr fauziah..[i have also added her blog on my daily reads coz i love to read about happy people after achieving success :)] and when he came home, after meeting her twice at the gathering, i got her blog address... and wowwieee... it was impressive... her work that made beautiful smile!! and i started to think... i wonder how much would it cost to do my teeth.. or the main question is, can i look better?? ahah!!! let's just see... and i couldnt wait for my appointment with her on the 15th March 2011! :)