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do not be afraid

by - March 17, 2011

i was like that before. before i realized that everyone in this world deserves to be given the chance, the opportunity to become 'a better you' or 'a better me'. :) i was a person who learned through tough experience. i was a happy go lucky person, and i guess i can still be the same. but as you grow older, you know what you want in life and the action moved towards what you want - your vision. hmmm the point is, if you do not give yourself a chance, you will never know. most people that i know, is too afraid, even to learn.

lets talk about gold and silver here. would you know that every one of you can actually afford to own gold and silver for investment purposes? i always have this impression that to own gold you will need a lot of money!! big!! huge amount of money!!! well, the answer to your curiosity, yes you will need those big huge amount of money IF you want to invest in kilos of gold!! but for a start, you can always start small.

i am willing to share this with you, being an investor - who wishes to also see the potential of growing in a business. i was afraid too before BUT i WANT to LEARN MORE. self improvements needs to be continuously. and when i see the chance/opportunity where i can teach people not be afraid anymore, i get excited! i want to make you see... because, you too can have what you want in life, just like me.

so, let's meet up tonight at 8.15pm at Food Court Pavilion Shopping Mall, Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur. and when i say business, i mean business! :)

at the top of my blog, you see a banner. that is what i am talking about. i dont talk crap, i dont waste my time with losers. if you want to improve yourself and be a better person, talk to me. we can do this together. know your potential as i have seen mine.

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