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test drive :p

by - January 30, 2011

i posted on my status on my fb 5 days back that i am going to let go my baby.. well the day came yesterday when i passed over my baby to my friend for him to sell. sad? yes.. :'( of course... she has been with me since 2006... but.. gotta do it sooner or later... so here's the test drive story goes ;)
it was a 320 bmw.. silver.. 2 digits plate number.. see... woman... thats all they see, not the engine etc etc... hahaha :D well anyway.. first round, i drove it to my parents house.. stop for lunch, and suddenly my dad already took it for a spin :P hehe :D he's more excited about the car than me... do i like it? yeah.. not bad.. quiet engine, smooth ride.. soft suspension.. engine and interior is clean.. but the funny incident happened when we, my BIL and i wanted to drive joey to his friend's house. i already saw the fuel tank light is on.. luck was not on my BIL's side... the car stopped in the middle of the road.. LOL :D... so, the boys from my friend's shop gotta buy petrol and filled up... by then, it was raining.. in the end, 3 of us walked home. joey and i took the bicycle and cycled to joey's friend's house. i was sweating like crazy... :D
next, the boy drove the c200 kompressor to my parents' house for me to try.. the engine sounded rough.. the body looked nice.. absorber out.. :( tyre bengkak.. although the rims looked nice. mileage was lower but it was not in a good condition as to compare to the price offered. i drove up to my house to show to kaiser.. he just got back from work.. still down with flu.. and lisa was cooking for him maggie soup.. hhmmm.. my BIL drove it back down.. tested on duke highway.. not as expected according to my BIL.. decided not to take it.. hmmm..

and the hunt continues... :)

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