Tuesday, January 25, 2011

my not-a-baby anymore

hehehe :D as usual.... giggle first... :) its about joey... i am so sorry joey for sending you late to school today. plan to send the car to the workshop again.. to settle the bills and to check what was the noises all about. anyway, dont want to talk about my car now.. :P

joey is so excited about the school orchestra's group trip to kuching. me, as usual, is worried. so, somehow, with other parents, we plan to go also...and when i told joey that i wanna go too, his respond was, 'alaaaaa maaa... plsss la ma... pls, i wanna go alone....' heheheh :D you guys should see his face expression... kakkakaka :D kaiser said, 'see, i told you, he is not a baby anymore.. let him go alone. stop following him wherever he goes'... ekeekek :D and i am still laughing... LOL :D well, see lah how... maybe i'll go, maybe i will not go.. :P

and thank you D for sponsoring joey's trip :) when i told joey he sponsored, joey was surprised. :) hmmmm...