Monday, January 24, 2011

car review?

hahahah :D can i laugh first? well, anyway, the thing is, my baby has been cranky... simply because i think she heard that i am getting a new car. for the past 1 month i have been visiting the workshop. betul2 merajuk ni.. :) shiaannn dia.. anyway the latest visit was yesterday, and the mechanic found out there was a leak at the aircond tube. so, ok la... i got to do what i got to do lah kan.. last week, i borrowed my mom's car, 318 [1996] bmw.. my dad did a lot with the car, repairing it and gave it a new look. changed the seat cover to semi leather and also the gear knob. its cool driving it, just that whenever i drive it, i get dizzy... wanna know why? because of the side mirror.. hehhe :D my dad has this small mirror thingy for you to see further view from the rear. :)
yesterday, the mechanic offered their kancil, its auto but only when i drove the car, i found out, no power steering... errkkkk.. so i went to my parents' house, but the bmw was not under the porch.. so, i called my sister, N3, she offered her hubby's kenari.. :) hehehe :D i kinda enjoy driving the kenari. i think because the car is light, it feels so fast and flowing.... mcm menononggg jer... :D the funny part was when lisa and i wanted to open the back bonet... and we both went, "whoaawww.... cool door lah" hehehe :D jakun kejap.. :P

so, today, i drove the kenari to work.. not bad lah... hmmm next car i wanna try is myvi.. :D hehehe :D