Wednesday, November 3, 2010


lots of us were shocked in the office when gtalk was blocked. there goes another form of free communication. dang!!! i was speechless. gtalk has been making my life easier when i need to communicate with some staff at the office or my designer/supplier. for whatever reasons, they decided to block it. and ooh... FB too... LOL... :D okay.. on that, i kinda use 10% of FB for work expecially during our company's event to promote and create awareness, but now since it's being blocked... there goes another free way of communication, as i have mentioned. ;)

so people, if you still wanna communicate with me, please skype me okay...

other than that, just when i am hype again on my xango project, my office work seems to be jealous of my time :) so, i became extra tired.. by the time i get home, i have to finish up some of the contents for our new flyers for our team. well... no pain no gain...i am enjoying every moment of it. just that i wanna be more than 1K level.. i have been in this level too long.. and i have my own target *smile* about me and our founders.. i will just keep it a secret for the moment, until i achieve it!

i wanna be 5K, then 20K... then.. i can do more activities with my kids :) now i am setting my foundation. i already have people in indonesia, canada... and looking for more all around the world. so i am taking this advantage, if you wanna be my business partner, call me :) where can you get to own your own business with only RM120/- to set up? nak bukak gerai burger pun kena ada RM5,000.00 and the market is only your area.. i am talking about international business where now we already covered 33 countries!
so, you readers out there, don't be shy to ask me about it. it took me about 2 months to study about the business before i decided to join at my own will. because i know this is what i want.
  • web based most of the time,
  • earnings banked in directly into my bank account,
  • people signed up from where they are - and i get my earnings here in KL,
  • i can check if products have been delivered,
  • i can see if my team members need help (if they are not moving),
  • free website (because i am committed to the business),
  • free trainings,
  • amazing, friendly, helpful support staff from the office,
  • brilliant management team from HQKL.
and of course.... awesome product that works!! so, why wait? ;)