Monday, October 25, 2010

tiring but enjoyed it :)

started early sunday... we went to the nursery too late on saturday, so when we saw it is open on sunday.. i decided to start early.. made breakfast for joelis... 3 quarter of the bread .. french toast.. i had just a piece with my hot tea. then off we went to the nursery.. hunting for the right plant for my courtyard. :) still remember it? ahahh... but then we had no suitable pot.. so i told kaiser that i still have my old square pot... we drove to my parents house, clean them up and took them back to the nursery... the kakak helped me to put the plants in there.. yey... and finally... we have plants in the courtyard.. but guess what?? not enough.. it seems that we need more.. :P
my citra yang berjasa... what would i do without her? :P
after that, rushed for music class.. gym... and lunch... and owhh... carrefour... :) ended my weekend quite well :)