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living room dilemma

by - October 11, 2010

i dont know where to start. errmm... okay, it started when one day kaiser said he booked a sofa from someone.. i was...err shocked...
"what?? you bought a sofa? how does it look like? is it nice?" calmly and with a smile he replied,
"yeahh... it's brown leather from lorenzo.." 
"hemmm are you sure it'll look nice?" 
"yeahh... someone is leaving malaysia and he wants to sell it fast, so i better buy... if we don't like it, we can sell it off"

then off we went to germany... with my head still thinking of the sofa... :O so now we wanna paint the living room. so i told kaiser, when we are back after germany trip, if i still have cash in hand.. hehhe :D we'll paint the living room.. so.. next step, called the contractor.. he quoted rm2,500.00 for the living room and my master bedroom which i think is reasonable. but.. you know lah... it is still costly for kaiser. and... he decided to do the painting job himself.. this is the time when i bite my fingers... hehehe :D errr...

next we went to home decor expo.. then we collected lots of brochures... now we are trying to compromise with each other on the wall color. perhaps, we are going to paint just 1 side for feature wall. our kitchen cabinet is brown.. so is our new sofa.. first i liked olive green, calm blue or deep red (non-striking), or coco... and kaiser liked peach, beige, lite green... i was kinda nervous if i have a lite green wall.. uurrgghhh...

but last night... kaiser agreed on olive green wall... :) yey... now.. waiting patiently for the sofa... november seems so slow.. :P

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