Saturday, October 23, 2010

the house hunting

not sure if this was the house that we saw :P
we have been getting into house hunting activity lately. we started some time ago.. then we stopped as we find it very frustrating.. LOL... :D :P ... somehow we started again last week. and today's house hunting was even more frustrating.

started with we went to sering ukay after gym yesterday.. and we saw a beautiful corner lot, which i had no idea on the price in that area. looking at the notice on the house gate got me excited! so.. there we were..both smelly after all the sweat from gym.. calling a real estate agent... just to know the price.. :( is wayyyyyy beyond our reach... but i tell you.. the view was breathtaking.. it was really beautiful!! nice garden where if we can afford it, we could have done lots on it! the place where i see my kids would go on bicycle at night and still feel safe.

exaggeration.. but almost the same feeling :P
well anyway, later on we found another number that has a house in ampang jaya... so, today, early in the morning, i called up the lady to view... and the result.. was... argghhh... made me wanna puke.. i was already sick since it was my 2nd day of the month... my emotions graph is going up and down.. wanted to puke, pain in the abs.. and looking at the way the agent driving her car, drives me up the wall!!! goshh... and the houses that she brought us, looked DAMN UGLY!! and she said it was beautiful????? the house was renovated, yes... but no toilet bowls... no sink.. nothing??!! and the other one she showed us, was supposed to be opposite a playground.. and was it a playground?? na'ahhh... it was an abandoned field, long grass.. etc.. it just pissed me off man!!... and i decided, no more looking at houses in ampang jaya, unless they are new development. i know my budget is limited but at least show me a decent house and not .. 'i dont know what to say' house!!