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14th sept 2010

by - September 22, 2010

13th sept - 15th sept 2010: my first trip to germany :) didnt know what to expect. had a big surprise just before we board the plane to abu dabhi. :) kaiser was like 'kisinen' when he introduced me to her... and she  was like covering up other truth about who she was. :) [like i dont know the history lah kan..] i was cool about it.. hehehe :D anyway, the biggest surprise was when we arrived at munich airport. not that pleasant but it was an adventure.

not gonna touch so much of the personal stories here.. ;) let's just get to the other stories of the traveling. the walking makes me so damn tired. i guess sports shoes are much better then the 2.5inch boots :P oh... the muesli is so cheap here!! kaiser got so excited showing to me.. it was only e1.99  or 1kg when in KL we had to pay like rm16 per 750gm!

we spent like almost 2 hours going up and down the lrt coz we were not sure on the stations to stop at... both us with 2 big bags.. hehehe :D for some reason, luckily joelis were not here or they'll be too tired.

ein siging out from munich at 8am: 16th sept 2010

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