Friday, August 20, 2010

sports massage @ equal fitness

i have been having this pain on my left arm, back and elbow. sometimes when the pain comes, i cant even explain what kind of pain it was. its quite irritating especially when i go to the gym for weight lifting, i cant lift up using my left arm. and at times, i 'll just put hot oil and wrap the whole left arm with a bandage. i have gone to the clinic and the doctor gave me pain killer. it doesnt last long. i went to traditional massage, yeahh i do feel better but it keeps on coming back. yesterday, i was at bazaar ramadhan to buy sate and chendol. by the time i get back to my car, my left elbow jammed. so, today i decided to try sports massage after explaining to the ladies there of my problem.

my first experience to a sports massage centre at equal fitness, sooka sentral.. habis di lipat2 nya badan aku!! mcm2 lipatan.. but i love the time when she found the point of my problem on my left side of my upper body. 'it's your muscle' she said... and all i could say was, 'ahh... ha'ah.. aduu duu duu..' :D i can feel when she put pressure on certain point and i like it.
  • will i come back for a visit? yes, i will.. :)
  • do i feel better? at the moment, yes :)