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its getting nasty!

by - August 06, 2010

i even hate myself when i become nasty like this. everything that is happening seems negative to me. what's the best cure? i dont did it get started? i dont really remember how.. its becoming from bad to worse when last Wednesday..not nice things happened starting in the morning...

  • i ran into a beautiful bird... i saw it there and was just saying in my head, "what a beautiful bird" and suddenly when i reached her, she didnt fly away... and i hear the thump from my car.. feathers flying in front of my car screen.. it was awful :'(
  • reaching the mrr2 hi-way, where the traffic is obviously congested.. and realized i left my handbag at home! had to turn back to get it..
  • got at my parents' place to drop my lil joey.. and as i reached my wallet to give his pocket money, its empty!! what the hell??? 
  • then something else happened which i cannot mention here... :P spoilt all my plans... but then again, some things cannot be changed.
  • went for netball practise.. and got so upset with the other team... main mcm P%K@.... memang kena maki je dgn aku.. sampai dia tukar position. i only played 2 games, and dont feel like playing.
there you go!! and i just cant stop myself from saying nasty words... errkkkk.... ein stop it!!!

but... i like our new netball err jersey.. .. cool... tapi sumer main lemau... selembut baju nya... muahahaha :D

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