Friday, July 23, 2010

joelis have been busy!!

did you know that music stimulates your brain? and it will make it easier to think - and it is easier to use your brain for kids, especially? hmmm .. i started my kids with music class in the year 2004.. and my thinking at that time was, i want my kids to be able to express their feelings because they were down with the condition of our family at that time. it helps somehow or rather... and slowly it brings out my joelis' talent in music... well, mana tak tumpah kuah kalau tak ke nasi... kann ;) my parents are into music... my mom used to sing with her band... that explains my interest... and my dad is a good traditional dancer... mug dude and i inherited that :) and now my joelis... so here goes...

sks music day at aswara - june 13, 2010

duta kecil kuala lumpur - dbkl june 1, 2010
pesta nasi lemak 1 malaysia - putrajaya june 5, 2010

live on rtm - july 17, 2010

and thank you to their teacher, cikgu rahimi for the guidance.. and also cikgu purnama :)