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Redang Kalong 6th May - 8th May 2010

the dive trip that i have been waiting for. it has been postponed a few times... at last... it materialized! our journey started at 10.30pm. 1 hour delay from the original plan. 3 cars convoyed to kuala merang. amazing, it took us only 5 hours from gombak to kt.... can you imagine that?? :P i was in the car with SA and Sam. tried to sleep but cant really sleep... biasa lah.. long journey.. reached kuala merang just after subuh azan. we stopped at the mosque for prayer, and slept for a while. had breakfast near the jetty. i really enjoyed this trip. it was different. there were 12 of us... i get to know new people :) and .. jeng jeng jeng... i get to use nikon d60 the whole trip. hehehe :D jakun :P breakfast was like ice breaking session. though some of us still shy shy cat :)
our boat scheduled at 10am.. i think.. cant really remember lah. and since breakfast, i was the assigned paparazi :) best giler.. the few pictures, i was still struggling with the camera.. and i became better along the way :) i am not a pro, so dont expect pro pics la kan... i just snap :P ahaksss... but then again... just enjoy lah. 

6th may 2010: 1st dive was at 11.30am. as usual, it was tough for the 1st dive.. my left ear hurts so bad.. ouch.. :'(  didnt enjoy it.. maybe i was still tired from the journey. next dive was supposed to be at 300pm... LS and i, dived... in bed! hahahah :D we were too tired. our night dive was changed to the next day.

7th may 2010: 1st dive was at 8.30am... just took a piece of nugget for breakfast. saved maggi goreng and tomyam for after dive. i dont really wanna eat that much, and i dont want to dive with empty stomach - so that explains the 1 piece of nugget :P the dive was okay... was starving when we got out.... i rushed for my maggi and tomyam soup. shared with sam and LS. 

next dive at 11.30am.. enjoyed the dive... but my buddy vomited on the boat after the dive.. alamak!!  kesian dia... he doesnt look that well after that.. :( could be because he dived with empty stomach and stuffed himself with the food... angin la kut.. and with the pressure and all... there goes... :O

lepak for a while.. had lunch and got ready for our 3.00pm dive. then.... night dive.. at 7.00pm. was i afraid? yes.. :P... was i nervous? you bet!! but after the 3rd dive for the day.. i was excited for the night dive. and guess what?? i really had fun!!! enjoyed it very much - and i wasnt scarred :) it wasnt like the first night dive that i did last year. baby sharks!!! more than 5 of them were swimming by the beach. didnt take their pictures because i was getting ready for night dive.

this trip, we dived min 50 mins up to 60 mins..!! not bad huh.. ;) we are getting better! that night, SA, LS, Sam, AZ and i lepak at the jetty... there were loads of stars.... beautiful!! amazing!!

my review on redang kalong, i would give them 4 star. room was clean and nice. food was okay for me, not excellent (for me) but acceptable. the kitchen crew were sweet and wonderful. the rest of the resort crew were very friendly :) beach was nice and clean.. thumbs up for sharon, ab, michael (for helping me) & the rest :)


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