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take precaution

by - March 04, 2010

i was driving back yesterday after a very long boring day at work. i can't believe that i am actually saying this. me getting bored at work? i wonder what causes it? just have to do some soul searching soon. :P cheywwaahh... or another excuse to go on a holiday? 

anyway, as i was driving up the hill towards my house, i saw the trees on the roadside were broken. in fact on the highway there were lots of broken little branches. in my thought was, wow... the rain must be pretty heavy! and i drove up saw the trees... i looked on my right where the slope is, still covered with blue plastic. wonder when MPAJ is gonna do something about it. and i also wonder how severe is the soil sliding underneath that blue plastic. 

drove further up.. saw all the sign-age on the roadside collapsed. and i meant... all! saw more broken trees. and one road going towards a condo area was closed by the residents with plastic chairs to avoid cars going in there. a canopy next to riverdale apartment, beside a makcik where she always sell her nasi kukus, collapsed. that makcik shifted to the right side of the road.. :O

as i got home... kaiser reported that massive heavy rain.... water pouring down like crazy! :D quoting him... anyway, alhamdulillah, my daughter and husband were ok at home :) apa lagi... after that, i watch my drama lah! :P 

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