Thursday, March 25, 2010

laser day

wowiiee... i had a errrmmm how do i visualize yesterday? errmm i had a good start actually with a meeting with a creative person... my designer :) printer for our next event. and somehow after chatting with him for a while, it just boosted my energy back again on the project. and i am on the track again... started to review in detail on the quotations on the desk... looking really deep... and start warming up my rusty engine :) and wallaaa.... i am cool :)
somehow, some brat had to be a wuelchhh... i just hate it when people don't bersyukur with what they have and not serious in doing their work. so, the person just got a piece of my mind (betul ke penggunaan ayat nihh? :P ) yesterday when i actually said, 'do you still work here or not? or you dont wanna work anymore?' zassss!!! and when that person came in, just could not look at my face. and start seriously doing work. 

and another one got hers at the netball court. yesterday was it man.... she'd just so i don't know why, but she like to pick on me... commenting about my arm lah... my waist lah... my stamina laa.. and being sarcastic about me going to the gym. like duuhhhh.... so, i just could not stand it, 'hey... what's ur problem with me going to the gym?? look at my body compared to yours lah!! that is why i look like this and you look like that!' gosshhh.... padan muka... just could not stand her lah.... do i like to say such words? no!

and when i got home, just had to tell kaiser about it... his comment was, my arm doesn't really look muscular coz i don't train enough... yeah and i admit that, and i have not been taking care of my food too... and that woman was just jealous that i still look much better! :)