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there goes another weekend

by - January 17, 2010

saturday morning: we had breakfast at the mamak restaurant with my parents and sisters. kaiser went to play badminton with francesca peters. so after breakfast we thought of looking for crocs at the pasar tani. err no i dont really like crocs. but because now they came up with lots of colorful crocs.. i kinda think they'd look nice on joelis. anyway... mission abort coz they didnt have joey's size and lisa doesnt like it. so in the end, we tagged along with my mom at the pasar tani and helped her with her stuffs that she bought. 

 baik si joelis tolong nenek... 

petang... shopping at the mall pulak...

sunday morning: it seems so fast ending. early in the morning was soccer practice. i really enjoyed watching the boys playing. they looked so cute. :) though i dont understand soccer that much.. i still enjoy watching them play :) gotta upload the pics in the ofc later coz my bluetooth does not seem to work these days... just love watching joey enjoying himself playing soccer. and he make new friends.

these are actually photos from 2 different weeks of practice :)

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