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lost child - 7th jan 2010

by - January 13, 2010

oowhh gosh... this is frightening. please dear readers... do forward this info to as many as you can...!! i received this email in my inbox this morning.

Dear All,

At 2pm of 7 Jan 2010 , my colleague received a phone call from her nursery that they have lost her daughter, aged 8, Malay at Sri Damansara area. Her name is Nurul Lyana. Nurul was out to buy ice-cream together with another little girl at around 12pm , but didn't go back to her nursery after that. As told by the other girl, an unknown makcik brought Nurul to see puppy cat.

Please forward this to as many as you could, we need to save her!!!  Please help. If you have any information, please call me at 012-3877510 or Esther at 012-660 6052.

Huang Lee Meng

ein says: dear parents (reminding myself too), if you read this, please educate your children:
  • NOT to go out without an adult with them. 
  • NEVER follow any stranger, be it a makcik or a pakcik...whoever.. NEVER follow.
dear children, if you read this, please remember the above. and if you are a blogger:
  • NEVER write your plans where to go or what to do in your blog. you can blabber about your history but NOT your plan. a stranger might follow you!!!
  • DO NOT chat with strangers and let them know where you stay or if you are staying alone.

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