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erkk... waacttoicch..

by - January 25, 2010

  • the day when i wanna be home!!! yeup... today is the day... i so wanna be home. 
  • i dont wanna be at the office. 
  • tired of fb already. 
  • i dont know what to do. 
  • damas was a boring place all of a sudden. did not enjoy my food. cannot seem to enjoy food anymore. has my tummy shrunk?
  • just cannot entertain my self with work.
  • BUT i am happy that my boss is happy with my own design for the company. woowweee... some achievement huh... ;)
  • me sleepy coz gotta wake up very early to send my darling daughter to school. actually by 3am i woke up every hour coz i was afraid that i would wake up late.
  • i am feeling not nice due to a not nice conversation last night. i think that is why i am feeling like now.
  • it is gonna be a very short week this week. anyway, friday is off day... yeyeyyeyeyeyey...
  • i dont like memey... hehehe :D yeahh just gotta write it here lah.. hey its my right what.. i dont like her. :P
  • i miss kaiser, yes i do... shuckksss... dusyyummm... err why aahh??
  • i do not like people asking me about my personal stuff ie my history. i am just not comfortable. its my personal stuff. dont ask...if i dont tell you. uuiihhhh....
  • what are we gonna have for dinner today?
  • i want to go for a holiday - but i dont want to go for a holiday. you get what i mean?
  • the road to the office was clear today - but not from home to my daughter's school.
  • my daughter got in a cluster school today, i am so happy for her. but when i received an sms from her form teacher a moment ago, i felt sad... why aahh?
  • i am unstable! :P

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