you can be who you wanna be...

i had a conversation with my gf the other day. i have heard this from other people as well. things like i dont wanna be like so-n-so... and in the end, you tend to be like so-n-so. i always look at myself, what i have become. i am happy with who i am right now. i am happy with how my 2 brilliant kids grow up. and i just so thankful with the help from my parents and my sisters.

i was a tomboy when i was at a younger age. to think about me having children... not in my brain of thoughts at all! hehhe :D and alhamdulillah when i had kids, i can afford to give them a lil bit of luxury that i did not get when i was a kid. there are some things that i continue from the way i was brought up... i.e. school holidays family holidays, strict in going out with friends. but i also practise some new things i.e. be more open with my kids, they can discuss without being shut out :) not blaming my parents on this just that parents before were more of 'military' style. and with my new marriage, i have started to teach my kids about being independant, and trust - with the help from kaiser. yes i was an over-protective mom to my joelis... all because i wanna make sure that they are safe all the time. not knowing, i will not be there all the time... so, we need to teach our kids to be independant. some of my siblings do not agree with me.. they are free to disagree... at the end of the day, this is how i want my kids to be brought up - with all the ingredients.... religion, academic, sports, fun, discipline etc... :)

oowhh before i forget... just one minus thingy... my gurl has become addicted to fb :( hhuuwaaa...

these are pictures of us after playing badminton & basketball on a sunday...

look at lisa... fb addict!!


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