Thursday, December 24, 2009

nasi kukus

this is not the nasi kukus from the stall at my office :P

miss my nasi kukus again :( :( huwaaa... this week i have been craving for nasi kukus. i have not been going out for lunch at 1pm lately... have been doing my work through out lunch. especially when i am concentrating on my company's website, i got addicted and just could not leave my desk :D heh heh :D same goes like today... for the past 3 days, i thought the nasi kukus stall was not opened. only today i realized that they closed early after lunch... so i had to buy the nasi campur from the next stall.

wow... someone is so into blogging for the past few minutes... aarrgghh... so not in the working mode... i wanna be home with my joelis!!! :( :( especially after receiving sms from my lil joey ... :*