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already the last day of 2009?

by - December 31, 2009

wow... how time flies... what have i achieved in 2009? early 2009 was tiring. with all the preparation for our wedding it was arrgghh... but i guess after that, the journey was more challenging that i almost forgot about the trouble that we had to go through prior to our wedding.

i learnt that a close friend can also hurt me so bad that it is difficult to forgive and forget. and a friendship that has been hurt, can never be the same again, no matter how hard i try.

in oct i did my advance open water diving test and we made it... AA, LS and myself.. :) went for our first night dive!

communication is the most powerful tool in a relationship. and i am proud of myself that i have practiced to say what i feel and ensure that we both understand each other to achieve our mission and vision. it is not about trying... it is about either you do it or not. focus on the issue and never assume. ask to know and not guess coz what's in your head may not be what's in the heart :)

had my ups and downs... no one said marriage is easy. but if we communicate well, insyaAllah, it will be okay. many people asked me how's the different to be with a mat salleh... well, i think it is not whether the guy is a mat salleh or asian - but it is more of the person himself. i am lucky at some part - and some part it could be very challenging... may Allah continue to guide me through this journey - and open his heart to you totally. i guess if You have brought me this far, You know that i am capable to walk through it :)

i am glad that few days back, we had the valuable chat. and today, being the last day of 2009, we made a big move... looking forward to march 2010!

good bye 2009.... and welcome 2010!

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