Wednesday, November 4, 2009

tell me how?

i have exactly 17 minutes to write my blog. how do i carry my own weather when emotionally i am down? i can do this. i have done this before. actually i can... i know i can. shuushhh.... shutss ein. hmm talking to myself again. somehow what i am going through now is very personal. some people's opinion might be, i should now put it on my blog. but my blog is THE place for me to unwind... err is that the right word? i need to let out my frustration.

my laptop is driving me crazy... the cursor is jumping around and it is wasting my time while typing. the IT guys have not been able to help me solve my problem - err.. more of the laptop's prob, not mine :P

i have been having this dilemma for the past few days and i am not liking what i am feeling. i have been trying to act on my own - to just give me the space to think. but i dont feel any better. somehow, it has affect my surrounding too. :( darnnn...

frustrating situation: have you been in this situation - mostly wives/moms. since i have not been really like a normal mom :P i rarely feel it. this may sound like normal for some moms/wives out there.. well whatever it is, you ladies... i feel you... that was the frustration is all about - last night. and for the record, i do not appreciate arguments/scoldings at dinner/lunch/breakfast table. and it affected me till late. could not sleep. tried to watch dvd but no nice movies. anyways, i slept at almost 1am last night. and this morning i had my eyes like the gold fish! :P

aahhh... just so lazy to write more now la.. maybe when i am in a better mood, i will write about my recent dive trip... yeup... :) very recent.