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have you ever thought...

by - November 14, 2009

of having a tomboy as a maid? hhehe :D gosh i am still grinning.. :P i told kaiser this morning that the maid is coming at 8am this morning. we were still lazying in bed for the weekend. and just before 8am, i got up coz joelis were already getting ready for their saturday school. i went to the kitchen and see what i can prepare for breakfast.. and there was a knock at the main door.

i opened the door and for a moment, i was like... err what is this guy doing here.. and that was when she said, 'i am the maid from' and i went..'ohh right.. hang on..' and opened the door.. yeahh i was quite surprised too and was just wondering if she can do the house work. :) but guess what... she did great! the funny part was when lisa came out of the bathroom and was shocked... i was in the kitchen when lisa came up to me..'ma!! did you just got a guy maid?' hehehehe :D 'no lah... crazy ahhh... she's a tomboy - i guess.. ' well anyway that's about it lah... :)

does she look like the pic that i uploaded? naahhh... :P she wore a cap yes.. but with an oversized tshirt and baggy jeans.

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