Sunday, October 25, 2009


the day will start as usual tomorrow. the company event completed yesterday. i would call it a success. :) thanks to all the team member. a lil bit of cleaning up after this. we had an event at zoo negara. i had a bad migraine in the morning. perhaps i was too worried about the event. but work needs to be done. took 2 painkillers - drank half a glass of xango. felt much better. lisa joined the zoo hunt for the kids category. she fell down just before the flag off. i didnt realised that she was bruised quite badly until at the end of the event. i called up one of my colleague who was incharge of the first aid to assist. anyway, her group won 1st prize! worth it la...

by the time i got home, i was extremely tired. showered, prayed and went straight to bed. i think joelis slept at midnight. i was amazed with their energy... half a day at the zoo negara and they can still stay up late... still full of energy... hmmmm... what does that means? sshhhhh! :P

and today, early in the morning sent joey for his football training. i almost forgot about it actually. luckily i was up early... thanks to lisa for waking me up :) or else...there goes subuh.. :O lisa and i had our breakfast in bangsar. pick up joey an hour later, went home, joey washed his shoes and socks.. while i hang clothes.. and made fried rice for us for lunch.

maid came around 1pm.. help to iron the clothes.. i left her to pick up joelis from music class. then we went to errrr have 2nd round of lunch... then we came home.. we were home for a few hours.. i was entertained with joelis.. lisa with her guitar and singing and joey sang along. hmmm not bad gak :) after the maid left, it rained so heavily.. luckily we were home.. selesa jer..tried to take an afternoon nap.. but gagal. my dad called and asked what am i preparing for dinner.. i dont have any plans yet.. so when i know that pecal is still there... jeng jeng jeng...

dinner was good... had my fav pecal at my parents house. my migraine attacked every now and then. asked a favor from my dad to massage... it was great!!! after that i burped a few times.. felt much better... am going to the clinic tomorrow to get my migraine painkiller. cant afford to have it - going for my diving soon.

aahhh... here's a pic of joey vaccuming the carpet after he spilled his fingernails just now.. hehehe :D