Monday, October 19, 2009

no monday blues :)

i never believe in monday blues. it is all in your mind :) i had a great day although in the morning, someone i met at the lift said that i looked 'muncung' :D heh heh... wow! i didnt realized that when i am thinking of something, i can look so serious :P anyway i wanted to have light breakfast today but somehow when i saw someone at the pantry with nasi lemak daun pisang - i failed miserably! darnnnn.... i aim to still do my exercise although kaiser is not around. and aiming on my thigh.. drink lots of water *sigh* my weakness.

i had a production day today. everything went well and infact too fast. yeup back to too fast. means all is well. got an email from US today.. was not expecting one today, but hey... it made my day... made me smile in front of my laptop. and later we sms each other and kesian dia... he is still having jet lag :)

i got home just before maghrib... had dinner with the whole family at my parents'. have to admit that i missed having dinner like that. but cant do too much - spoils my diet :P but the prawn was so yummy :P went back home right after dinner. my mom went out with my sister.. got home, shower, perform isya' prayer.. joey was still playing with this string.. i dont know where he got it from. he tied it around his waist and told me, "ma, i have lost weight" like duuhh...he always come up with all these ideas :D i asked him to changed into his pyjamas and pray before he falls asleep. i did the laundry.. leaving one of kaiser's tshirt aside.. hehehe :D one of my mom's 'recipe'.... sshhhh... and after that i wanted to lock the door... joey heard me opening the main door when joey asked, "ma!! where are you going?" with the cool face i told him, "mama nak minggat" [minggat = run away from home] "huh... maaa..." "ye laa, mama cakap joey tak nak dengar... " and he quickly ran to his room to change into his pyjamas. i smiled alone... how can i minggat when i am already in my nightie... aparaaa... :P

and now... me writing my blog... while my joelis watching tv at the sofa..

ein's thoughts: feels funny that some people who are given the opportunity to have a good job at a good place but dont know how to appreciate. they only think of today and not tomorrow and future ... hmmm. i just cant help a person who doesnt want to help her/himself kan...

ein is grateful today:
  • that she realized that she has a loving husband although he doesnt show it too much. :) always remember what my mom used to say... 'a man who doesnt show his affection in public is a man who really loves you deeply... he who shows his affection when he is alone with you. :)' that's my kaiser :) :*
  • i have team members who can be reliable at work and make things go smoothly.
  • have my family whom i can have dinner with, relaxed and brushed out my tiredness from work.
  • my two naughty kids whom i love very much - although they can have all the funny ideas just to extend their staying awake!