Friday, October 9, 2009

how much can children do for their parents

its already friday. had a very busy week... but now just taking some time off just to write my thoughts today.

i stayed a bit longer at the office yesterday. had my gym session that ended around 650pm. then went back to my office to get certain things done. 24 hours a day seems too short for me nowadays. wanted to leave earlier... however, something went wrong with the office door that i had to wait till around 815pm for our technician to come. i knew i promised joey that i'd bring him to C4 last night to get a new pencil case and school bag for him. i got home, so hungry... had dinner at my parents... and later joey came.. to me..

joey: maa...
me: yes darling... kiss kiss... *and he brought his cheek nearer to me for me to kiss him :) *
joey: i read in the paper's about the star
me: horoscope?
joey: haa... yes! and it says about lisa..
me: hehehe :D yeah?
joey: it says leo is bossy..
*and at the same time lisa came running from upstairs...*
lisa: ma... this is urgent, can we go to the book store on the way back?
*joey and i looked at each other and smiled.. well... we giggled actually... and hi-five each other*
joey & i: 'bossy' LOL....
lisa: *smiled* ma... please... this is not bossy... just need to bind our project paper... i have my own money.
me: yeahh okay...

so, the 3 of us stopped by at the book store.. lisa went to bind her project paper while joey and i waited at the restaurant having a drink. i wanted to stop at buy yoghurt & bread.. but there was no parking space.asked lisa to get down to get the stuff - but she was reluctant... already stopped at giant's entrance - when she groaned... immediately, i turned the steering away - headed home.. feeling disappointed. the 3 of us, kept quiet till we get home. joey tried to make a conversation but i was no longer in the mood to talk.

joelis went straight to their room. lisa folded the clothes... i knew she was feeling guilty.. i just let her do that till she finished.

before i went to sleep, sent her an sms... to wish her goodnight. was too tired to get up... she came in and kissed me... and she said sorry...

and i was thinking... 'parents would do lots of things for their kids - but would children do the same?'