Wednesday, September 9, 2009

what a fast day!

i felt like a robot who's battery is almost flat. using my reserve energy right now. here's what happened. oh, before that, i just finished reading joey's new blog. hehe :D his version of one of our activity today :) he created a new blog because he forgot his password.

my day started as early as 430am today.. in fact today i sort of over slept till 508am! quickly got out of bed, went to the kitchen, boil some water - heat up the soup. made milo for joelis and wake them both. after sahur, i was browsing the internet for nice poses for photo shoot. yeahh.. i planned a photo shoot today since last week. i have a busy guy at home - so, gotta book his schedule a week earlier.

by 705am, left home to send lisa to school. left joey at home with kaiser for a while. took brooches at my mom's. went home again. wake joey up. went to zoo negara for a meeting regarding the office event. was there till around almost 930am actually!

drove to guesthouse to pay up some fees. went to jpn melawati to pick up lisa's IC. yeaup... she got her own IC already :) then proceed to the florist for 2 hand bouquets for the photo shoot. you guys must be wondering why the flowers... well.. that was supposed to be our post wedding photo shoot together with hari raya :)

1030am, joey checked with his daddy if he picks up lisa from school - but there seems to be a mis-comm... so, i drove to school. picked up lisa.. send to my mom's place as joelis' daddy will come and pick them up.

1100am already in jusco - planned for pedi mani... manicurist not around.. a signal that i should just cut my fingernails myself :P did something to repair the bouquet.

1130am at the hair saloon to do my hair and make-up.. somehow i know kaiser doesnt like me with heavy make up.. i told the make up artist that i wanted a simple make up - tanned look. just look at the photos later... :)

130pm joelis were sent to the saloon. lisa washed and blow her hair. we got home around 200pm. photographer waited at the petrol station as promised.

reached mont kiara at 3pm... started the photo shoot till 500pm. *phew*.... ohhh.. day is not over yet. was supposed to go to muzium islam for the office's break-fast function but the traffic was bad. by the time i sent joelis home - it'll be too late. so decided not to go.

rest a bit at home, went to my parents' house by 700pm. break-fast... solat... dinner.. solat isya' and terawikh.. and now.. 1109pm i am home :) joelis are asleep...

me signing off soon!

thank you CB for letting us to take the shots at your place ;)