Sunday, September 6, 2009

learn something new every day

common words: :) after breaking our fast at my parents house one day, joey came up to CMann, and they were playing this funny game. and one of the words that came up was 'thamby'. and i asked joey if he knows what that word means. and he said, 'thamby' is 'thamby' it meant 'thamby' and we asked CMann what it meant since CMann is an indian :) and so, we learnt something new that day..

thamby = younger brother
macha = younger brother in law
maple = older brother in law
ane = hmmm alamak i dont remember.. gotta ask CMann later

blogging thru handphone: if you noticed, certain postings that i put up here was just picture and short notes. those were the postings that i did thru my handphone. heheeh :D best ekkk...

we had our break fast at hartamas square last night (continuation from the posting below). it was quite difficult to decide where to go last minute after the original plan was cancelled. perhaps if it was just the 3 of us, i would have just gone to my parents'. but since it was the weekend, we wanna spend time just the 4 of us (although i cant stop wondering what would be the food on my parents' dining table.. hehehe :D ) anyway, we had a good makan session - joelis has their pasta. kaiser and i had the fried kuey tiow. . and later after that we proceed to ampang park where i got my baju kebaya for raya.. yey..!