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by - September 15, 2009

let me try to sort these things out. one by one if i may. hari raya * learning the quran * joelis * kaiser * work * business * house * life * government * malaysia * people in general * dream .... just dont kill my dream..

i dont know how to get it out of my system. what you are going to read is going to be jumbled up. maybe because that is how my brain is right now - jumbled up. need to untangled it. is thr such word?

i have been reading blogs of translations of the quran and i like what it says. if only i can pass it on to people who thinks badly about islam. how i wish.

i may not agree with some of the government's action but i am no rebel. i dont believe in riot as it will only break people apart. if tunku abdul rahman can do it without war and fight, why cant we, the new generation do it the same way. we are the educated people, we dont use harsh words. facts are more powerful than emotions, no?

i love my joelis so very much that it hurts me so badly when i see any of them get hurt or sad. Ya Allah, please help me protect my joelis.

if only i have the option to be home and be with my joelis - educate them myself, bring them whenever they wanna go - cook for them.. i would. i guess not all have the chance to do that. and that does not make me a bad mom. yes, i chase for wealthy but that does not mean that i am neglecting my joelis. people bring up their kids differently, and i believe rezeki everyone, Allah tentukan. currently i dont have the luxury to be a full time mom, yet. and yes, i am the mom who needed my kids to go fo tuition and kelas mengaji quran. i had a driver to send my joelis to school and i have a part time maid to clean up the house and a full time maid shared with my mom to take care of my kids food and to be with them. those are the options that i have right now. am i happy with that option? sometimes yes and sometimes not. i grew up with a maid... so, i am used to that. :) :P but that does not make me love my parents less. and as it is now, i am grateful with how my joelis are growing up. they have achieved awards in school. am i proud of them? alhamdulillah... i am and i bet their daddy too :) i have done a great job despite being (was) a single parent with the help of my younger sister and parents of course. and yes, i have a great family altogether. and i am grateful that my joelis are obedient kids, mature and intelligent :) although joey is manja :* hehehe :D sorry joey... but you are :P

house - currently we are renting but i feel like having a make over. since all my original furnitures are at the guesthouse, this cute apartment of ours is so like rumah bujang.. :( help... so, am in no mood to receive guests. hari raya? it's gonna be at my parents.. so friends, if you are reading this and wanna come for hari raya... come to my parents house ok :) 1st raya from 10am to 1pm.. :) call me, let me know. we will be there, after that will be going around and to MIL [angkat] place in bandar utama.

phew... i do feel much better now :) not fully... but yeahh better... :) joey is asleep right now in his room and lisa is busy writing her raya cards that i printed out last night. time to pen off.. and rest :) watch a video maybe? ;)

kaiser? still busy working at his corner :)

me thinking aloud again - i need to get rid of my 'mom's jeans'...

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