Tuesday, August 11, 2009

what the hell is wrong with me?

i am getting so emo this week. watching desperate housewife pissed me off just now. and now lipstick jungle is the next victim. i just get so upset when it comes to infidelity. why must nicky get back and see that cameraman when she's okay with her husband now?? damn it... what can't people appreciate and grateful with what God has granted them? and watching lipstick jungle scares me too when wendy's daughter became so rude with her mother. it is sad to see that. nobody says that it's easy to be a teenager, but when a daughter starts to question you doing your job as a mom - it hurts, it hurts so badly that you'd start to think. is this what you get by loving your kid with all your heart, doing everything that you can just for them and protect them? *sigh* goshh... see... i am feeling all that. yeahh ... because i am a mother.

and i am sorry - i am guilty for judging someone. i am so sorry. but my sensor just sense something is just not right somewhere. but i don't know where or why i am sensing all these. if it is not true, alhamdulillah. just pray for the best for that person. maybe i should stopped talking about it - the person.

i should calm myself now and get some sleep before i start to talk nonsense and regret later...