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God help me!

by - August 27, 2009

ya Allah... please help me to be stronger. the challenges are so great. just when i am feeling calmness the wave came right back in. perhaps i have not been a good person. perhaps i needed to be reminded. but ya Allah, please lighten these challenges :(

too much things to be done. too many things happening around. can i handle these? i need to be more proactive. i started reading again last night. the book that i have left for a few months due to tight schedule or being plain lazy. i could not sleep last night, tried to watch tv but nothing interest me although csi was on! can you imagine that??! i was just not in the mood to watch csi! this is so not good.
and i thought of the book. i went up to the book shelf and got it. not that easy to get the pace back. but yeahh... i found the calmness that i needed. finished 2 chapters in fact. i started where i stopped before. and i shall start back at chapter 1 once i am done with the whole book.
i am charging myself to be more effective. remind me... private victory is my aim - and i am getting there. other than we wanna be in that home. kaiser, joelis and me :)

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