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Okay I am back

by - July 17, 2009

i've got pain at my ass... heh heh... for sitting on the floor while doing my slides presentation with one amazing investment & charity. ;) gonna have an online presentation for that. but that again, it's not for everyone. :) well anyway, that's not why i am blogging. this is my personal stories of family, stuff, travel... etc... and less about business :P

where do i start? i have been neglecting my gym last week.. well, i went only once last week. and later i got too busy with things... yeah.. been neglecting my blog too and have not been to any other blogs to read for a long time :( nevetheless got the chance to peek some... and aahh... some people is still so perasan.. *grin*


so... as usual, i will be compiling a few stories to share... :) let's start with my 20 years reunion!!! yezzaaa.... you read it right... 20 years! to tell you frankly, i was not that excited about it :) it was like okay la... but just 1 night before the day, most of the committee members gathered at TM's place, and that is when my excitement came.

AD chose for me the clothes for me to wear... in fact, he has become my fashion consultant. hahaha :D in and out :P anyways, i had a lot of fun meeting up with some of my friends whom i have not met for 20 years!! i went in green top coz i belong to the green house last time :) here are pictures... there are a lot more pictures on facebook. believe it or not, i brought my camera but did not snap even one piece of photo! :) too busy chit chatting.. ;)

goshh uploading these photos are so slow lah... and i am getting so sleepy already... best nya dapat bam atas riba orang... kekeke :D :P hmmmpphh.. :P

ok laahhh will continue some other days okay.... i will back date the postings as usual...

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