Sunday, July 19, 2009

13th july 2009

our second day in bandung... it was really nice to stay in bed :) by around 915am, we got a call from the cafe. breakfast was almost over... and they asked if we wanna have breakfast.. hehehe :D sampai kena call ke bilik pulak.. :p during this time that we saw how beautiful the hotel that we stayed in... :) it was really cosy and quiet and how do i say... relaxing :)

we headed to the airport with ibu and a few people to send some of the group members back to KL.. after that, we headed to pasar baru where i bought a few office wear. yeupp... i love the pants suits. :) i can get 4 pairs for the price of 1 here in KL - tailor made... so? worth la buying.. once a year at least. ;) who was my fashion consultant - none than other but my dearest hubby - kaiser ;)

ps: i am watching swarm now on 102 - time is 440pm - kaiser is not home and joelis is at the airport.

sambung balik: after shopping in pasar baru - we headed home as my mom needs her rest. we went to the handphone shops. kaiser bought himself a new handphone. not that techie but to him as long as he can make calls and sms - that is good enough.

we got back at the hotel - just enough time to shower and solat. bapak already waiting at the lobby with his troops of bodyguards :) hhmmm how nice... cool treatment :)