Monday, June 29, 2009

ahh sun is shining again... :)

and it puts a relief on my face as my sun is shining again. thanks to AA for helping. really appreciate it - for the time and the talk :) i am glad to see 2 people in my life are getting along again. well anyway, not gonna get into details as glitches are bound to happen anytime and anywhere. we looked into it, took action and look for preventive actions... ahhh i sound so ISO... yeahh too much ISO in the office - and it works at home too!

we had a good weekend. i am still feeling tired - but satisfied at the same time. we were at my mom's school - had our booth there. joelis had fun playing at the fair apart from working with us :) we had a few numbers to follow up. somehow, the weather was too hot for me. had a bad migraine when i got back. AD already went to the office for his 5pm meeting. i just had to take a nap. when i got up, showered and accompanied joelis to the pool. the sky was beginning to get dark so we'd better hurry before it rains. i just sat there by the pool side reading my motor trader looking for my new beemer... heh heh :D while joelis playing with each other in the pool. somehow my head was still - err not spinning, but 'berdenyut'... smsed AD, told him that i am going for a massage. brought joelis with me, bought dinner for them so that they can eat while waiting for my 1 hour massage. felt a lil bit better. went home... showered... and took a pain killer.. cant stand it anymore lah. tried to get some sleep. early bedtime on a saturday night :)

and that was my saturday story.... will come back for sunday story.. when i have uploaded more pictures, tonight...

have a great week ahead people... coz i know i will :)