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what happened on mothers' day?

by - May 15, 2009

5 days has passed. i have just finished reading my dear friend's blog and how sweet it was for his children to prepare some special meal for his wife. supervised by him in the kitchen. so, what happened at my home on mothers' day? i woke up early morning, sent an sms to my mom wishing her 'happy mothers' day' errrmm.. no flowers this year as there were too many bunch of flowers all over the house after my sister's wedding! hehehe :D special food? naahhh... not that either, simply because we had too much unhealthy food prior to mothers' day... excuses? no laa... it's the truth.

nevertheless, i received a sweet hand-made card from my dearest lisa that also came with a free whole body massage voucher from her... hehehe :D as for joey, he left whatever that he did at my parents' place. until i am writing this, it is still there... heh heh :D he told me last night, with his kitty cat face expression... "remember the something i wanted to give you ma?... i think i need more time... can i give you next week?" and i smiled at him.. "yes sayang... i will wait for it"

but what made me sad was how i ended the day... when i had unexpected sort of scolding from AD... it just snapped me and i ended went into lisa's room and cried... and in my head... "i had a good day and thanks to him, it ended sad" *sigh*

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