Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our Quality Time

I admit that we have been too busy with work lately. AD with his business and gym while myself ... errr.. with what aahh?? shucksss... whatever lah.. but I did not forget to bring joelis to go and watch the dinosaurs at mid valley on the last day of the exhibition. later that night, joey asked me:

joey: ma.. what are we going to do for family day?
me: errmm... we just went out just now, didnt we?
joey: huh?
me: i took you and lisa to see the dinosaurs as promised.
joey: *with the straight expression on his face* but.. AD did not come along.
me: *sigh* yeahh... AD has to work sayang. *somehow this seems to be repetition in our life*
joey: hmmm ok.. *i hate to see that frustration on his face*

we, AD planned months back that no matter how busy we are, we should have 1 day with joelis. a day where we'll do activities with joelis. we used to go to shah alam and also cycling in putrajaya. somehow, we cant seem to find a suitable time for that now. :( as i left joey's room, i joined AD at the couch watching tv, and told him what joey said. and i can see from his face, the guilt. yeahh.. we both are guilty of not spending quality time that we used to with kids nowadays. but after that week, friday night has been our quality tv time together :D it started accidentally actually after watching XXX on tv. some positive improvement huh ;) before going to bed that night:

joey: ma... that was a great quality time.
ma: *i went...blur...* huh?
joey: we watched tv together ma... as a family.. it was fun and that was quality time! *and i saw that grin - with satisfaction*
ma: aaahh.... okay... :)

i kissed and hugged him goodnight and left him in his room before joining AD who was still watching tv. hmmm... kids just wanted parents to be together with them, does not have to be an outdoor activity far away or expensive.. just do things and spend time and be together :) without thinking of anything else.
ein: really thinking of getting bigger sofa now...hmmmmm