Friday, May 15, 2009

breathe again

have not been well for the past few days. must be too tired with the continuous family events. joelis have been too exhausted, my dad had high fever last night. oh yes, we enjoyed Frank's lasagna last wednesday. he cooked lasagna at my mom's kitchen for our dinner. i have been taking extra sleep a lot for the past 2 days. my body feels so weak. came back from work on wednesday, took a nap, before i started to clean up the kitchen, cooked dinner for hubby, settle some laundry before i went to my parents' place to have dinner with my sister's family in law at cheng ho restaurant.

thursday, continued cleaning up the bathroom after i came back from work. collected a few jeans to wash, folded more clothes. swept the whole house. went to my parents' house for the last family dinner with my sister's family in-law who are going back to philipines and canada taking the midnight flight. by then, my dad was too sick to even join dinner. hmmmm... brought him to the clinic, sent joelis home - AD was already home and later went back to the clinic to fetch my dad. he had a jab to bring down his temperature. sent my dad home, then i went home, check on joelis. hmmm from the parking i can see lisa's head in the kitchen. passed 930pm... they both should be in bed. went to joey's room, he was still awake. fed him his medicines. joey has been having fever too. MC for 2 days. hugged him in his bed... :) then i went straight to bed.

i am not feeling so good too since yesterday. i made sure i gargle the medicine that i had as my throat was not feeling comfortable. i told myself last night that in the morning i will shower straight away and go to work feeling good - although there are issues in my head... ahah!

and this morning, my alarm went off at 630am... got out of bed. showered. performed subuh prayer, checked on joelis. asked joey to shower. got ready, kissed AD and went off to work... and here i am at the office weee... 800am. :)