how time flies

really.... very fast nowadays... it's already coming to my 3rd week after my wedding... things have been wonderful :) still trying to adjust with the timing and all. i changed our apartment's curtain last weekend. it was a surprise for AD @ KM... hehehe :D and i am relieved that he liked the curtain that i bought. since he said our apartment is small and dark, i tried to look for something light.. the color and material. and he liked it... heh.. heh.. :D kira okay lah tuhh...

the not nice feelings... yeaupp it is still there... gathering my courage to talk about it with my friend. soon i hope.. otherwise it will be there still stuck in my head.

ohh.. i better get back to some things that needed to be done.. :P till next time people... and owhh... the wedding pics are ready... heh heh... :D



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